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As we all know that foreplay is very important before sex. Foreplay means making her hot and feels good for sex. Start your foreplay by kissing on the mouth or lips while stroking your hands inside of her thighs. Move lower, take her hair and pulls back, then kissing her neck and breathing in his ear and whispered, “I want you so bad now, I feel your tight wet pussy wrapped around my farm dick”

Move your hand up towards cunt of your adult friend and tell her how much you love her skin, silky soft. Move your hands up and down her thigh, closer to her cunt. This crazy, everyone wants to see, to feel you touch her wet pussy. In this way show that you have control of the situation that you can take time. Take a few minutes, their hands all the way up her pussy in motion sudden, surprise makes her moan. Start working her slit with slow firm strokes, then faster and faster.

This is just one example, there are no rules, you can use every time, mix! Once you want to explore her body with your lips, a second time, you can not embrace everything. Women always like hot and active men. When you go online and chat with stranger women you will find lots of women seeking for men who are active and satisfy her well. Keep on his toes. Make sure it never knows what to do next. Slapping, throwing it around, to be dominant.

There are only three things you need to do now, change your life. You can create a lifestyle you’ve always wanted. I will be honest and tell you this, it is not easy to change your life is a difficult path to walk, and few people make a conscious decision to do so and even less will do. The choice is yours, who you are?

As I said there are three steps you want to take:

1. Follow this blog, I’m going to do, step by step easy to follow guide. Not only on how to improve sex life, but also how to get women to have sex with you. If you’re one of those who already have that handled, you’re a lucky bastard.

2. Read the blog fucking second you want? I do not read it while sitting and watching television, playing World of War craft and prepare dinner at the same time. I do not read it, take your time, relax and let the knowledge sink in.

3. This is essential if you do not, all is lost.

Have the balls to do it. Everything you learn here will work if you are consistent and not give up. Do not be a quitter is a fucking champion, thrive on challenges and crush the hurdles in your way.

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