Three Traits Women Look To Find Men Character

What women want in men? This is a big question in mind of every person who has a wish to impress girls.

Here’s what women want in men. It is loyalty, imagination and passion.

Finally, if you wish to alter your attitude about what it means. Ultimately, what women want in men, they are like those guys who become stronger in problems and fight with courage.

Trait #1: Nice Guys (Loyalty)

Nice Guys are medium or average people. They have a tendency to be reflexive. There are some guys who do not buy it, but we’re all out there are good guys. These people avoid risks at any price. Most women wish to find men who are loyal to them. The risks are scary because they hate to step outside their comfort zones. Cling to what they know, and usually resist change.


Trait #2: Smooth Guys (Imagination)

Boys are smooth, straight or better, they seem to digest at first. They tend to be grumpy … A moment that can be passive, and the next, aggressive. Otherwise, good guys, can not be trusted. They are not faithful. They are usually men, who feel the need to replace their sense of inferiority.

So what you are seeing in reality is always a clever disguise to cover their shortcomings. Nice as the guys, they do not like risk, but I’ll take it if they promised to provide. They need reassurance that they will not. If you feel “inerrant,” they’ll take it.

What they want is to party and ride is usually after winning people’s approval. And that’s why they need the warranty. When it comes to their approach to women or dating, they rely on techniques and techniques of seduction.

Trait #3: Bad Guys (Passion)

Passionate are usually very aggressive. These guys love casual dating and most women love to date with these kinds of guys. The bad guys are very masculine. They are all male characteristics, but are often very self-centered and supercilious.

How these guys look at danger?

They like risky activities and often take chances for no other reason than he likes test. When it comes to its mind-set to women or dating, generally do not. They do not need a loom, because it’s always women to follow them.

Andreaa Costa

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