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Ann Arbor
hey.. dam i hate filling these things out.. For starters I'm shy, friendly, sarcastic (definately), funny (in a weird sort of way), optimistic, pessimistic, quiet, I'm a great listener, talkative when in good company, to name a few.

I dont have a rippling 6 pack, so keep looking if your a lady who has that requirement on her "Must have" list.. I'm me and thats who I'll always be. Im not perfect, heck who is? But I'm happy with who I am.
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Looking to meet some friends, just to get to know at first, to hang with, drinks, socialise the usual stuff, email or MSN is good too. If anything happens out of that, then great, but I'm happy to take things slow..

Just saying hello never hurt anyone, and you can never have too many friends. (I just dont' get the people that say they have enough already..)