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Not much to say - Everyone desires to have a good and a kind of positive relationship but putting the others first in relationship matters.I am a fun loving and humorous,sexy woman who wants someone who could be honest,kind and reliable...I'm stunning attractive, and have a well sexy body :) I moved here from Central London 1 year ago and with working long hours haven't had anytime to find someone to talk with or have fun with and it has been a reallllly long time. I have so many interests. I love the outdoors. Anything out door, I can't stand to be cooped up in the house.

All music from classical to the hardest rock !!! Any movie as long as there are no gay guys.
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People who can have fun without taking life to serious Out door people. I want to do the incline but cant find anyone in good shape to do it w/me. People who know this town and can PARTY !!!! A man who is honest. If he is hot and only wants sex, great, but don't give me bullshit that you want me forever. I have no problem playing, but if I do find that someone I hope he will be honest that he want more than just sex.I really would like to have a relationship with someone who wants to make a difference in his relationship.I care so much and i would like to have someone who would care more than what others think is right.A man of substance who can extend some kindness to me.