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Good heart, good hands, good tongue, good ... umm ;) I'm a "stayer" who can satisfy you, a guy who actually enjoys the foreplay, and basking in the afterglow, too! True, I'm no "bronzed 6-foot muscle-builder", but I'm not a flabby, beer-gutted lay-about, either. Just a medium-built nice guy who cares about making sure his partner enjoys the encounter as much as I do. Somewhat adventurous, have tried some things and willing to try most others - with one or two exceptions...
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Don't want to be too limiting here... Just a nice younger girl (or girls) definitely within the stated age bracket, and petite to medium/average build. Note here though that I am not impressed with girls who say they are "average" when they are most definitely overweight! (ie: 168cm tall and 75kg IS overweight!) And you don't need to be a "super-model", but at least show you take some pride in your appearance, by being nicely "groomed" and dressed [well, most of the time! ;) ] and clean. Also you should be within about 1 1/2 hours drive of Albury - although I do some times travel to ACT and Melbourne. These things aren't too much to ask, are they? :)