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Ann Arbor
Hey, well... im 178cms tall, I live music, I play guitar and love having a goooood time... saving to go to Brisbane but live inland at the moment... barely any real ladies here and the ones that are arnt available or are definately not worth it! Need to be married to them in a sence or completely shallow lol.
looking for fun ;) friendship and excitement if it happens.

look to the pics for what I look like :)
I love sex(I am human) but im not a typical guy in all ways, I enjoy sex, so there's not always a rush, love to meet you. ;)
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Looking for attractive gurl/s with similar interest in mind, slim or athletic, curvey but tight, fit where it looks good :P, everyone has there own style ;), to give pleasure and be pleasured by :D
any hair colour is fine as long as ur not shy and have nothing wrong down there :O
not looking for serious type relationship to start with and no offense taken!