What Do Women Want From Adult Friend?

Many guys think about “what women want from men?” here are some important tips for boys, attracting all kind of women.

Self-belief and self-esteem:

If you are always remain behind and shy to talk with others, you are going to find that very few women find you attractive. What do single women actually want from men? Women want an adult friend that knows who he is and not afraid or mortified to be that man. Confidence is the sexiest thing of man. Ask any women, she will tell you how.

While walking away in the room, pay proper attention on the way you walk. If you want to impress women then you need to take care of all your activities. There may be some many women seeking men like you. Look around and see who is there, determine what you want out of the situation and then go for it. Make a proper space while sitting, avoid shrinking or expanding.


Stand in front of mirror 10 times a day at least, see how you look like. Are your shoulders slumping and your chest caved in? If so you need to put your shoulders back, take a deep breath and then leave your chest in that position as you are walking. This allows you to give a confident posture. Watch the body language of people who are confident and try to copy it.  Give your best to improve your look and be confident.

Evaluate your actions: Consider the reaction that you getting from women. If women are not responding positively to you then you need to examine what’s wrong with you and how to improve it. If women seem revolted or annoyed with you right from the outset, it could become too strong; to work on tactics or approach can be terrible. If she seems nervous all the time she may be a lack of trust and “attraction”. That attitude says, “I don’t want to “hurt” you but I am not interested”. It means you are just not setting a ‘hook” of interest.

Release your ears: Conversation is most powerful thing for any relationship. Women always like adult friend who listen carefully to her. Always open your eyes and make proper eye contact, don’t gaze her.

As you speak to women you need to pay attention to what they are saying. Try to get her talking and then let her go. They want someone to listen to what they say, who cares and understands their passions.

Andreaa Costa

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